To summarize the roles of different potential participants in the Zumer Protocol:

NFT owners

  • Get liquidity instantly
  • Flexible borrowing terms
  • Insurance against liquidation

NFT buyers

  • Buy blue-chip NFTs at discounts
  • Enjoy BNPL option to own NFTs

Liquidity Providers

  • Earn higher-than-market average passive income
  • Mine Zumer tokens

NFT Market Makers/Liquidators

  • Earn arbitrage profit
  • Accumulate blue-chip NFTs at discounts

NFT Project Teams/DAOs

  • Obtain leverage to support floor sweeping
  • Earn passive income
  • Act as an underwriter to facilitate the offer of decentralized credit loans to NFT buyers (such as GameFi scholars)

Zumer Token Holders

  • Govern the protocol
  • Become the decentralized central bankers of the Metaverse